Administrator's Message

India is a famous country all over the world for its culture and tradition. It is the land of various religions and their tradition. It is the country of oldest civilizations in the world. Even after the life styles of everyone has been modernized, Indian people have not changed their traditions and values. Beliefs, values, spirituality is the wellness of this country. The property of togetherness among people of various cultures and traditions has made India a unique country. Features of Indian culture give the message of prosperity, happiness and eventual peace throug its unique features to whole humanity. India is a big and great country where people lives peacefully by following their own culture. We always have to love our Motherland and take care for Her. The Motherland gives the invisible power to reach success in life and to be strong in every moment of life. A big influence on formation of personality has development of moral values such as unconditional love and kindness, honesty, hard work, respect for others, co-operation, compassion, forgiveness. All these moral values can create a solid foundation for dreamed successful future. Every material things you getting in life with time dies and there will be only what was in heart and it will help us always.

My mission here is to promote the importance of education and support St.Thomas school to move ahead in promotion of the girl child education. Grown up educated girls can play an important role in the development of their country. The modern age is the age of awakening of girls. Girl's education can bring about a silent resolution in the society. CARE India's Girl Education Programme focuses on improving the conditions by which girls, especially those in the marginalized communities can access quality education. St.Thomas International School, by the education proccess and activities, try to save and develop uniqueness of every student and helps them to create dreamed future. The quality of our life depends from the quality of our knowledge. I wish every student to fulfill their dreams about their life.


Ms. Olesya Stetsyuk

Manager and Economist, European University, Ukraine

Educational Program

Kids Library and Toy Bank

For the kids we provide separate library and toy.

Computer Lab with Wi-Fi

Our computer lab is fully Wi-Fi enable and advance computer system.

Talent Music Classess

We provide music classes Like Dabla,Guitar etc for students.

Robotics Classes

We provide Robotics Classes within campus for school students.

Karate Classes

We provide Karate Classes within campus for school students.

Multimedia Activity Room

In our school a Multimedia Activity Room for Students.