“Healthy mind lives in healthy body”

Sports play great role in improving and maintaining the health and fitness, improving mental skills and concentration level as well as social and communication skills. St.Thomas International School motivate students to take participation in any type of the sports. It is necessary for the growing children so they may develop good habits and discipline which they may continue to their adulthood.

One of our objectives is to provide opportunities for activities and games for the growth of physical and mental health. Facilities exist for all indoor and outdoor games. Special coaching for Cricket, Soccer, Cycling, Karate will be available after school hours. Park equipment and Primary school children keep them active and in good spirits.

St.Thomas International School takes care about healthy mind of each student. Meditation keeps our mind fresh and focused in the now. Without a doubt, this will help them excel in whatever they are doing, since the present moment is the field of all activities. Meditation is one of the most effective way to keep mind healthy.

According to CBSE guidelines yoga might be a base subject of Secondary School. Yoga has been an integral part of Health and Physical Education since 1988.

We are providing yoga training at student’s summer and winter camp. We invite qualified Masters in Yoga exercises to give our students the base of this oldest science.

We have music room, dance and performing arts room, media room, ect. for enrichment activities. The learning environment at the school is designed to bring out the best in our child.

Educational Program

Kids Library and Toy Bank

For the kids we provide separate library and toy.

Computer Lab with Wi-Fi

Our computer lab is fully Wi-Fi enable and advance computer system.

Talent Music Classess

We provide music classes Like Dabla,Guitar etc for students.

Robotics Classes

We provide Robotics Classes within campus for school students.

Karate Classes

We provide Karate Classes within campus for school students.

Multimedia Activity Room

In our school a Multimedia Activity Room for Students.